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Heber Valley Artisan Cheese is continually seeking motivated and passionate employees that are willing to help others experience the difference of the farmer’s touch.

Check this page frequently for a variety of positions. If you believe you have a skill or talent that would be useful to our team, please reach send a resume and inquiry to Caralee Kohler.

Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketer will be responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring Heber Valley Milk and Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts, promote events and increase sales.

Key Responsibilites

Able to plan, implement and manage Heber Valley Milk & Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Social Media strategy.

Work with and collaborate with owners improving brand awareness in the social media space.


  • Expertise or moderate knowledge in the Social Media World, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Managing Processes
  • Self-Motivated yet customer-focused
  • Proficient in Marketing research and statistical analysis
  • Familiar with financial planning and strategy

Hours: Flexible (Part Time or Full-Time)
Salary: DOE

How to Apply:

Please fill out an application at Kohler Creamery (920 River Road) or email a resume to

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator will be involved in all stages of the planning, managing, and carrying out of events at Kohler Creamery.  They will be responsible for current events along with developing and planning out new events.

Key Responsibilities

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with vendors and venues
  • Planning event details and aspects
  • Remaining under budget with all costs
  • Managing events and addressing potential problems that may arise
  • Planning for potential scenarios that could impact the integrity of the event
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of the complex needs of a wide variety of events

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Event Coordinators are required to network with a wide variety of entities in the course of their job. Vendors and venues must be established. An Event Coordinator will need to have a general knowledge of what guests expect.
  • Team Management: Event Coordinators carry out many tasks on their own, but a major aspect of the job is working with a team. Delegating to a team properly and making sure everyone has what they need to do their job requires team management and leadership skills.
  • Budgeting: Every event comes with a cost, and it’s the Event Coordinator’s job to keep those costs within the allocated budget. This will require a degree of financial skill as well as the ability to create accurate reports.
  • Logistics: Everything in an event, from the seating to the entertainment, must be set up in a practical and useful manner for the guests. To accomplish this, the Event Coordinator must possess a degree of skill in logistics to properly plan the details and anticipate potential problems that may arise.

Hours: Flexible (Part Time or Full-Time)
Salary: DOE

How to Apply:

Please fill out an application at Kohler Creamery (920 River Road) or email a resume to

Cheese Packager(s)

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese is seeking several part or full time, responsible, task- oriented employees to help package cheese.

Key Responsibilities

  • Cut, bag, seal, and label cheese.
  • Assist in filling orders


  • Must be able to lift at least 25 pounds
  • Detail oriented – able to follow directions
  • Organizational skills
  • Efficient and Quality work
  • Basic Computer Skills

Hours: Flexible (Part Time or Full-Time)
Salary: DOE

How to Apply:

Please fill out an application at Kohler Creamery (920 River Road) or email a resume to

About Heber Valley Artisan Cheese:

To help others experience the difference of the farmer’s touch ~ Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Mission Statement

Providing others with a memorable experience is at the heart of Heber Valley Artisan Cheese, a small family dairy farm and creamery nestled in the quaint community of Midway, Utah. For nearly 100 years the Kohler family has been producing premium milk – pure, rich & creamy – to delight their consumers.  Five years ago, the family built a new creamery and began using their farm’s milk to handcraft and age artisan cheese.

Today, consumers, retailers and chefs can experience the pure goodness of artisan cheese made from premium milk and handcrafted into the freshest curd (squeaky cheese) or aged into a raw milk, sharp or flavored cheddars.  In addition, the farmstead creamery also makes Queso Fresco, Monterey Salsa Pepper Jack and Juustoleipa (oo-stay-lee-pa, meaning bread-cheese), a natural moist cheese meant to be grilled, toasted or baked.

Beyond the farm, Heber Valley Artisan Cheese is ranked among national champions, garnering awards from prestigious organizations like the American Cheese Society, as well as a recognized trend-setter at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

Kohler Creamery

920 River Road
Midway, Utah, United States.

p: 435-654-0291

Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm

Holiday Hours:
Thanksgiving Eve  10 am – 4pm
Thanksgiving Day – Closed

Christmas Eve  10am – 4pm
Christmas Day – Closed

New Years Eve  10am – 4pm
New Years Day – Closed

Sales Contact:

Amber Himmer
Sales Executive (wholesale accounts only)

p: 435-671-8062

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese

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