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Wasatch Back Jack

This farmstead Monterey Jack cheese is packed with intense and pleasing flavor. Made with our premium Holstein cow milk, pressed with diced peppers and infused with an authentic handmade salsa, Wasatch Back Jack delivers an unforgettable kick.

Aroma Profile: sweet pepper
Flavor Notes: pronounced jalapeno, lime, sweet bell pepper, subtle sun dried tomato

This farmstead cheddar features a bold flavor. Made with our premium Holstein cow milk, and infused with a blend of bacon, jalapenos and hickory smoke, the cheese brings a new definition to an All American flavor.
Lemon Sage Cheddar

This farmstead aged cheddar will have you wondering if it is a cheese or a lemon meringue pie. Made with our premium Holstein cow milk and hand rubbed with lemon sage, this cheese features unique citrus flavor notes which give your pallet a refreshing sensation.

Aroma Profile: lemon, cream cheese, mascarpone, pastry
Flavor Notes: lemon cream cheese tarts, fresh churned butter, sweet and savory

Tomato Basil Cheddar

This farmstead cheddar pairs a culinary classic flavor with great finesse. Made with our premium Holstein cow milk and pressed with sundried tomatoes and basil, the cheese creates a moist, Italian experience within the confines of your mouth.

Aroma Profile: sweet basil
Flavor Notes: fresh garlic, sharp pineapple, sundried tomato, herbs

This farmstead sharp cheddar delivers a divine and intense bite. Made from our premium Holstein cow milk, and aged for six years, the cheese is covered in a delighful crystalline texture that graces you palate with strong citrus notes.

Aroma Profile: pineapple, hazelnut
Flavor Notes: Pronounced blood orange, pineapple, key lime, mushroom, fleur de sel

Silver, Cheddar Category
Utah Cheese Awards

Snake Creek Medium Cheddar

At approximately eight to ten months old, our Snake Creek Medium is in full swing developing the delicious sharp notes that will be fully displayed later in its aging.  Its flavor notes are developing nicely, but have yet to develop the bite and intensity of a truly sharp cheddar.  Made at the base of Snake Creek Canyon, for which it is named, this cheese is sure to delight and enhance the flavor profile of your cheese board.

Aroma Notes: lemon, tropical fruit and crusty warm bread
Flavor Notes: lemon, black cherry, mango, mushroom, fleur de sel, pleasant bitter finish

Honey Lavender Cheddar

This farmstead cheddar highlights the natural flavors found in our farm’s backyard. Made with our premium Holstein cow milk and hand rubbed with local honey and lavender, this cheese brings a relaxing sweetness to your senses.

Aroma Profile: lavender, wild honey, tropical fruit
Flavor Notes: Sweet clover honey, ripe pineapple, lavender finish

Jalapeno Juustoleipa

Our Jalapeño Juustoleipa is as flavorful as the original with a Mexican twist.  Made with our premium Holstein cow milk, and pressed with natural jalapeno, this cheese is meant to be fried, grilled or baked. Serve it as an appetizer, or melt it on your gourmet sandwich or burger.

If you love this flavor, try our all natural juustoleipa as well.

Vanilla Bead Cheddar

This farmstead cheddar brings impeccable flavor, much like taking a bite of vanilla ice cream that never melts. Made from our premium Holstein cow milk and hand rubbed with gourmet vanilla beans, the vanilla sensation will linger on your pallet as the cheese notes fade leaving a very pleasant mouth feel.

Aroma Profile: cherry blossom, floral vanilla, kola nut, tropical fruit, manuka honey, anise, sweet almond
Flavor Notes: black cherry, sweet almond, floral vanilla, pineapple, lemon zest, rose petal, anise, kola nut, nutmeg.

Swiss Girl Cheese
Swiss Girl cheese is a part skim milk cheese with a smooth, buttery flavor and traditional holes. Similar to Emmental cheese from Switzerland, and aged for at least 4 months, his artisan cheese is great for party trays, slicing, or melting.
Queso Fresco Verde

This farmstead fresh cheese is a wonderful addition to any Mexican dish. Made with our premium Holstein cow milk and pressed with our handcrafted verde salsa, the flavor brings an explosion of heat with a mild kick that enhances the natural flavor of the cheese.

Aroma Profile: green chilies, cilantro
Flavor Notes: jalapeno, lemon oil and fresh churned butters


A Finnish name, meaning “cheese bread” this farmstead fresh cheese is a unique culinary delight. Made with our premium Holstein cow milk, this cheese is meant to be fried, grilled or baked. Whether served alone or paired with a fruit jam or pasta, Juustoleipa will surprise you with its mouth-watering buttery flavor.

Aroma Notes: fresh whey
Flavor Notes: fresh milk and butter, sweet whey and subtle fleur de sel

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